Can market research tell you are in the wrong path?

Yes, it often does but because you only believe in yourself, you will not accept what the market finding is or your market research firm won’t tell you the truth. Of course, there are many ways of conducting market research depending on the budget. Big scale research requires time and money whilst small scale market research often brings in little results. In truth, if your business is of the ordinary bread and butter kind, you should not waste your time and money doing market research. If you are in the niche market, then doing even a small survey can throw new lights for your marketing effort. Still, niche marketing requires an element of intelligent guess work, and you should particularly know where the demand is most likely to come from. Otherwise you might have to conduct more surveys in many places as people do react differently. There is a saying that you need research and more research to find that pin in the haystack. Research means that if the results don’t turn out to suit your marketing plans, you will need to do more to bring that element of uncertainty down to the minimum.

But what if the surveys tell us that we are in the wrong path? Do we then trust our intuition to carry on what we have started to do? If you have a lot of money, then you can go ahead, otherwise drop your initial plan or tweak your plan to suit the market conditions. Some gurus’ advice people to forge ahead, no matter whether we are putting out the right offer because if you can grind for long enough, people will take notice of you and they might just buy from you. But if you have a faulty product or service, then expect no mercy. In today’s fast speed, business can very fast know whether they can succeed or not. We can connect to the social media and ask for opinions. Although opinion collated from the social network may not be entirely relied upon it is still a good indication of what the general public wants.

Conventional market research might be nearing its usefulness now that there are new techniques to gather opinions. One of the fastest growing methods is to use software that connects to millions of ready respondents. Many of this software are free to use and deploy. However, they normally cannot tell us whether we are in the wrong path, especially if we are in the niche business. Public opinions, some of it paid for, can skew results to give the wrong response. So if we are to rely on these new methods, we have to be very careful. It would be best to conduct using various types of market research methods, using both digital media and convention media. If you need a continuous stream of opinion, then you should use a real time marketing research like Marketing Research

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What is there in Iskandar Project for the EU investors?

During a recent meeting between the managers of Iskandar Malaysia and the EU, The CEO of the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda), Ismail Ibrahim, said he was ‘glad’ at the level of knowledge and interest of Iskandar Malaysia in the European Union. Indeed, people are now more aware about the Iskandar Project and investors from the EU have been looking at available opportunities. They are searching for opportunities that they can participate in. There has been some investments from the EU already. The best known is the Legoland. Although the Legoland is not entirely funded from the EU, it is the use of the license that will in a way draw more EU participants to the region. There is a strong presence of education from the EU. Chief among them are the University of Southampton, the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, Newcastle University Medicine (NUMed) Malaysia and Malborough College. It looks as if the EU are using what they can do best when it comes to investment in Iskandar Project. All these education setups are located in Educity@Iskandar and they formed the bulk of interest at this university enclave.

But what about other sectors that will be suitable for the EU? There is already a biotechnology sector in Iskandar Project in Bioxcell and it is here that the EU would find comfortable. Biotechnology and biomedicine are new green fields that EU countries can invest in. There is an abundance of green raw materials in the region with a five hundred year old rain forest lying in the backdrop. The opportunities of creating new medicines from these natural ingredients is immense. For one thing, the EU is strong in research and they can find great opportunities by forming joint partners located at Bioxcell. They should come now before others make their presence felt. Then there are green technologies and we have very strong players from Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Wind and solar firms can relocate in Iskandar Project because it is still very new. Then there are new chemicals and materials industries that the EU countries are strong at and they will find Iskandar Malaysia can be a very suitable place for them to locate at. Having both China and India at its backdrop, the Iskandar Project will be a suitable place for research and marketing. There might be other industries that the EU can concentrate in and one of them is the movie industry. Pinewood studios have already set foot in Iskandar Malaysia.

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A new greener machine for you?

Nowadays, it would not be surprising to find driver comforts available on heavy machines like the excavators. Indeed time has caught up with heavy machines. It used to be that machines just made for their sheer power and nothing else. Like everything that uses fossil fuel, heavy machines now come with efficient engines and hydraulics as part of their contribution towards greener technologies. Manufacturers are now waking up to the buyer’s demand. Not only that, heavy machines have to come with creature comforts like air-condition cabins, rear view video captures, adjustable saloon car seats and a save roll over cabin top that helps secure the driver’s life in case the machine topples over. Machines are now built strong, comes with reliable performance, versatility, fuel efficiency and low operating costs. Other improvements include operator comfort and convenience, enhanced serviceability and, a remote tracking system that tells the operator about their machines condition.

New machines have welded undercarriage that adds increased configuration versatility, while preserving the same rugged and stable digging and lifting platforms of older machines. The new design allows machines to be fitted with outriggers front and rear. This versatility allows customers to tailor the machine’s configuration to boost productivity all round. New designs now come with in cabin monitors to tell drivers about parts running with heat built ups. This will go a long way in extending the life time of critical parts like hydraulic seals and piping.

There has been added attention given to the drivers. If you want maximum output from your driver, the way out is to give him maximum comfort whilst working. A worn out worker will bring about more downtime but a comfortably seated driver will give his level best. Air conditioning is standar feature now with the new crop of excavators. As if not enough, seats are designed for adjustability, giving strong lumbar-support feature for the mechanically suspended seat. As a result, you do hear very little of engine noise and with in cabin air control, you might be thinking that you are driving an airplane. But a little noise is necessary though because without it, you might not know how much pressure to give to the fuel pedal!

There is also an emphasis on serviceability. Coolant lines are positioned with unhindered access to service points and the hydraulic tank incorporates new pressure and temperature sensors, as well as new draining valves. Machines now also come with remote telemetry circuits that tell the operator about the machines condition, rain or shine. GPS are standard features and so are sensors that tell the operator how much idle time have occurred. There is also a video line connected so that the operator can see what is happening to his machine. Would you like to get the latest excavator? Just cruise over to The Amphibious Excavator builder and get into action.

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Don’t always ask your mind, instead, SPEAK to your mind

Man, being the most intelligent of the lot have a wonderful mind that not only thinks but also learns. Animals and birds also think and learn, but seems to lack that something that makes them inferior to man. And because man leads, he knows that there is no second chance. But man is not always infallible, and is afraid of failures. For that he always want a reassurance from people around him that he is doing the right thing. Unfortunately, it is not always that people are around to give assurances. So, what do they do if they are alone and have to make decisions? They invariable ask them self questions and the helpful mind always is ready with an answer or maybe an excuse.
When the mind makes a decision, it will look around in its archives and past experience to see whether there is a similar experience stored in its faculty. It might take some thinking before a decision comes about. Depending on its urgency, answers take time to simmer. This however is an important moment. Usually the weak and timid mind will pass of making a decision. The strong and brave will snap at a decision and tell the mind to carry it out, whatever the consequences. Some called it foolhardy and temperamental but then when a decision has to be made, it has to be made. Temperamental or not, there has to be action.
Now, because the mind is always being clouded by the bad experiences that we had, decisions made tend to prevent us from making intuitive decisions. One way of avoiding from making no decisions at all is to tell the mind to stop all the negative thoughts. You have to tell the mind what you want to do, rather than the mind telling what not to do. Over time, we form habits of procrastination and we tend to be good at making excuses for not moving forward. It is such time that we have to pick up a better habit to counter all those jaded habits of ours. The solution then is to tell your wavering mind what you want to do. It is not going to be an easy task to override bad habits, but then how else can you teach an old fox to do new tricks? So, go and tell your mind what to do! But in case you do not know what to do about it, try to ask Success Motivational Speaker for help?

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Doing business in Iskandar Malaysia

Iskandar Malaysia, lying in the Southern Malaysian State of Johor is one of the largest Development Corridors of Asia. Straddling almost 547,830 acres of prime land, Iskandar Malaysia has a mix of fully and partially developed land and an open space with environmental factors built in. Just five minutes drive from neighboring Singapore; Iskandar Malaysia is in a strategic position to attract investment from around the region and beyond. It has so far attracted about twenty billion dollars worth of foreign investment, besides the fifteen billion dollar pumped in by the Malaysian Government for the infrastructures. Situated between burgeoning China and fast rising India, Iskandar Malaysia is in a good position to play a central role in the development of Asia. Touted as the new Shenzhen, Iskandar Malaysia has all the features of a world class industrial hub in the making.
What sort of industry does Iskandar Malaysia wants?

Financial Services-
Iskandar Malaysia would like to attract Islamic Financial Services as well as Conventional Financial Services. The Iskandar Financial District would also like to attract Business Process Outsourcing firms and Commercial Consultancies.

Education Services-
A Regional Educational Hub has been proposed at Educity @ Iskandar Malaysia. Made up of 300 acres of prime land, Educity Iskandar hopes to draw in students from around the region. Services that it hopes to incorporate includes Universities, Colleges, Skill training institutions, Research and development institutions and Regional training colleges.

Tourism Industry-
Iskandar Malaysia wants to attract four million visitors a year. In this context, it has earmarked the building of a world class Theme Park, International hotels, Marinas, Conference facilities and leisure projects.

Healthcare and Wellness-
Iskandar Malaysia will pioneer a Wellness Township together with Singapore aimed at the growing number of elderly in the region. Already, four international private hospitals have already taken up room. A world renown university has also set up its first oversea campus here specializing in medical studies. Health care research and developments and integrated laboratories are also being invited to set up shop here.

Trade and Logistics
The iskandar Logistics hub will see international logistic players coming in to support the various types of industries. Already, there are two international airport operating nearby plus three other international ports sited within the region. International supply chains will find this place a great hunting ground.

Creative Industry
Along with an international theme park, Iskandar Malaysia has attracted a renown movie studio to set up shop here. It is hope that the movie industry will also kick off related industries in the animation field, games industries and visual and performing arts.

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Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios

Iskandar Malaysia will see the participation of Pinewood Studios Group, the largest stage provider in Europe, with an investment of RM400 million. Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, a joint project between PineWood Shepperton of UK and the Malaysian Government Investment arm Khazanah Holdings. Located on 32 hectares of land in Iskandar Malaysia, Pinewood Studios will border Singapore and the new LegoLand. The studio is expected to generate an economic profit of RM1 billion over a period of eight years. It will open in 2013.

Pinewood Studios is best been known for its movies like James Bond, Harry Potter, Lara Croft, BatMan and Superman as well as other feature films, TV dramas, and animation films. Khazanah Holdings will be the major shareholder in the project. Once completed, Pinewood Studios Iskandar Malaysia is expected to create 3,000 direct jobs and potentially another 5,000 indirect jobs a year from the rising number of foreign films and television shoots. Pinewood Shepperton will be able to earn from any licensing thereof.

Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios has appointed Australian film industry veteran Michael Lake as its first CEO. Lake was president of Warner Roadshow Studios in Australia for 17 years, and was also formerly the president of WWE Films and executive vice president of worldwide feature production for Village Roadshow Pictures Entertainment in the US.

Pinewood Studio complex will provide over 100,000 sq ft of film stages (ranging from 12,000 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft) and nearly 60,000 sq ft of TV studios (3 of them at 12,000 sq ft) plus a number of offices, workshops and post production facilities. The studio is set within a 700 acre site. Pinewood Studio is expected to attract foreign talents and will help strengthen the emerging creative industry in Malaysia and the region.

They say the show must go on. Do you want your own show too? Well, you can if you make a beeline to this wonderful studio that is marrying the best of the west and the resources of the east. Whether it is business, leisure or real estate investment, you will find it here. Get on the wagon now and head to Iskandar Malaysia Playground and chose your gem!
Pinewood Studio Iskandar Malaysia

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LegoLand Iskandar Malaysia

The first in Asia and the fifth Legoland in the world (the others are in US, Denmark, Germany and Britain), it will give local and foreign tourists another reason to come to Johor.

The RM750 million, 70-acre theme park is some 20 minutes from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link and within Medini in Nusajaya, one of five flagship zones of Iskandar Malaysia.

The LegoLand Theam Park is expected to be completed in 2012 – a year ahead of schedule and will feature over 40 types of rides and attractions. It is expected to have 15,000 Lego structures using 2,500 different types of Lego pieces.

One of the main attractions will be a replica of the Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur. It would probably be the tallest Lego structure in the world.

While the Lego structures and attractions such as the roller coaster rides will be outdoors, the food and beverage outlets will be housed in air-conditioned buildings.

One of the interesting features will be a 4D theater and a driving school where children can obtain their first driving license, dully recognized by Legoland worldwide.

Beside the theme park proper, there are also purpose built serviced apartments, hotels and other commercial activities that will help tourist, many from overseas putting up accommodation. Tourist coming for visits will be mostly from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. The target is between 1.3 million and 1.5 million visitors per year.

LegoLand Iskandar Malaysia is a joint venture between Iskandar Investment Bhd (IIB) and United Kingdom-based Merlin Entertainments (the park’s designer and operator as well as owner of the Legoland theme park brand). Merlin’s shareholders are US private equity firm Blackstone Group, Dubai International Capital and Lego Holding, while state investment agency Khazanah Nasional holds 60 per cent of IIB.
LegoLand Iskandar Malaysia is strategically sited next to the Universal Theme Park in Singapore. With two newly built casinos in Singapore, it is hoped that Legoland will complement the draw of foreign tourist who will be targeting the casinos. It will tout itself to be a family attraction for the region.

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