Doing business in Iskandar Malaysia

Iskandar Malaysia, lying in the Southern Malaysian State of Johor is one of the largest Development Corridors of Asia. Straddling almost 547,830 acres of prime land, Iskandar Malaysia has a mix of fully and partially developed land and an open space with environmental factors built in. Just five minutes drive from neighboring Singapore; Iskandar Malaysia is in a strategic position to attract investment from around the region and beyond. It has so far attracted about twenty billion dollars worth of foreign investment, besides the fifteen billion dollar pumped in by the Malaysian Government for the infrastructures. Situated between burgeoning China and fast rising India, Iskandar Malaysia is in a good position to play a central role in the development of Asia. Touted as the new Shenzhen, Iskandar Malaysia has all the features of a world class industrial hub in the making.
What sort of industry does Iskandar Malaysia wants?

Financial Services-
Iskandar Malaysia would like to attract Islamic Financial Services as well as Conventional Financial Services. The Iskandar Financial District would also like to attract Business Process Outsourcing firms and Commercial Consultancies.

Education Services-
A Regional Educational Hub has been proposed at Educity @ Iskandar Malaysia. Made up of 300 acres of prime land, Educity Iskandar hopes to draw in students from around the region. Services that it hopes to incorporate includes Universities, Colleges, Skill training institutions, Research and development institutions and Regional training colleges.

Tourism Industry-
Iskandar Malaysia wants to attract four million visitors a year. In this context, it has earmarked the building of a world class Theme Park, International hotels, Marinas, Conference facilities and leisure projects.

Healthcare and Wellness-
Iskandar Malaysia will pioneer a Wellness Township together with Singapore aimed at the growing number of elderly in the region. Already, four international private hospitals have already taken up room. A world renown university has also set up its first oversea campus here specializing in medical studies. Health care research and developments and integrated laboratories are also being invited to set up shop here.

Trade and Logistics
The iskandar Logistics hub will see international logistic players coming in to support the various types of industries. Already, there are two international airport operating nearby plus three other international ports sited within the region. International supply chains will find this place a great hunting ground.

Creative Industry
Along with an international theme park, Iskandar Malaysia has attracted a renown movie studio to set up shop here. It is hope that the movie industry will also kick off related industries in the animation field, games industries and visual and performing arts.

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