Don’t always ask your mind, instead, SPEAK to your mind

Man, being the most intelligent of the lot have a wonderful mind that not only thinks but also learns. Animals and birds also think and learn, but seems to lack that something that makes them inferior to man. And because man leads, he knows that there is no second chance. But man is not always infallible, and is afraid of failures. For that he always want a reassurance from people around him that he is doing the right thing. Unfortunately, it is not always that people are around to give assurances. So, what do they do if they are alone and have to make decisions? They invariable ask them self questions and the helpful mind always is ready with an answer or maybe an excuse.
When the mind makes a decision, it will look around in its archives and past experience to see whether there is a similar experience stored in its faculty. It might take some thinking before a decision comes about. Depending on its urgency, answers take time to simmer. This however is an important moment. Usually the weak and timid mind will pass of making a decision. The strong and brave will snap at a decision and tell the mind to carry it out, whatever the consequences. Some called it foolhardy and temperamental but then when a decision has to be made, it has to be made. Temperamental or not, there has to be action.
Now, because the mind is always being clouded by the bad experiences that we had, decisions made tend to prevent us from making intuitive decisions. One way of avoiding from making no decisions at all is to tell the mind to stop all the negative thoughts. You have to tell the mind what you want to do, rather than the mind telling what not to do. Over time, we form habits of procrastination and we tend to be good at making excuses for not moving forward. It is such time that we have to pick up a better habit to counter all those jaded habits of ours. The solution then is to tell your wavering mind what you want to do. It is not going to be an easy task to override bad habits, but then how else can you teach an old fox to do new tricks? So, go and tell your mind what to do! But in case you do not know what to do about it, try to ask Success Motivational Speaker for help?

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