A new greener machine for you?

Nowadays, it would not be surprising to find driver comforts available on heavy machines like the excavators. Indeed time has caught up with heavy machines. It used to be that machines just made for their sheer power and nothing else. Like everything that uses fossil fuel, heavy machines now come with efficient engines and hydraulics as part of their contribution towards greener technologies. Manufacturers are now waking up to the buyer’s demand. Not only that, heavy machines have to come with creature comforts like air-condition cabins, rear view video captures, adjustable saloon car seats and a save roll over cabin top that helps secure the driver’s life in case the machine topples over. Machines are now built strong, comes with reliable performance, versatility, fuel efficiency and low operating costs. Other improvements include operator comfort and convenience, enhanced serviceability and, a remote tracking system that tells the operator about their machines condition.

New machines have welded undercarriage that adds increased configuration versatility, while preserving the same rugged and stable digging and lifting platforms of older machines. The new design allows machines to be fitted with outriggers front and rear. This versatility allows customers to tailor the machine’s configuration to boost productivity all round. New designs now come with in cabin monitors to tell drivers about parts running with heat built ups. This will go a long way in extending the life time of critical parts like hydraulic seals and piping.

There has been added attention given to the drivers. If you want maximum output from your driver, the way out is to give him maximum comfort whilst working. A worn out worker will bring about more downtime but a comfortably seated driver will give his level best. Air conditioning is standar feature now with the new crop of excavators. As if not enough, seats are designed for adjustability, giving strong lumbar-support feature for the mechanically suspended seat. As a result, you do hear very little of engine noise and with in cabin air control, you might be thinking that you are driving an airplane. But a little noise is necessary though because without it, you might not know how much pressure to give to the fuel pedal!

There is also an emphasis on serviceability. Coolant lines are positioned with unhindered access to service points and the hydraulic tank incorporates new pressure and temperature sensors, as well as new draining valves. Machines now also come with remote telemetry circuits that tell the operator about the machines condition, rain or shine. GPS are standard features and so are sensors that tell the operator how much idle time have occurred. There is also a video line connected so that the operator can see what is happening to his machine. Would you like to get the latest excavator? Just cruise over to The Amphibious Excavator builder and get into action.

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